DEFAULT TYPO3 V8 (Production)

Security and quality

The constant improvement in the health and safety issues for our employees and subcontractors on our sites and ships is a top priority for us. It is also a confidence warranty for our customers.

This goal is as permanent focus in our day-to-day activities thanks to our teams’ competences and skills, by raising awareness and continuing trainings as well as the implementation of high effectives work tools and adapted safety equipment.


CFND is a responsible company which places great importance on quality and safety.

Safety, both on our vessels and in our facilities, is paramount to us, as it is a guarantee of quality for our customers. We place great importance on enhancing our employees’ skills and on improving the services we offer.

Inland waterway transport is the most eco-friendly mode of transport since it produces far lower CO² emissions than road haulage. CFND is always taking a step further in that way, searching for the ecologically oriented solutions.